Accelerating Your Business to the Next Status


Discover how to play and win at The Replacement Game, the 3 Ms of accelerating growth, and the best practices in growing and getting the most value from the growth and/or the sale of your business. Veteran business owners and startups alike will find common-sense approaches to preparing documents for investors and buyers, creating systems, avoiding mistakes, and writing your business plan. Written in a straight-up business style with no fluff, sharing valuable business insights, practical techniques, and actionable steps to get what you want out of your business; whether it be the best outcome when selling; or scaling it to the next status.


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Private investors group seeks opportunities to empower business owners to accelerate growth.



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Collectively you will be working with hundreds of years of business management, marketing and innovation success experience. Helping three plus year old companies, with a five-hundred thousand dollar or more EBITDA, grow, scale, and see them achieve substantial results is one of our favorite things to do. Unlike passive investors we like to also invest time, energy, resources and guidance to accelerate growth in your business.

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